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The Cat’s Meow (OT)

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , on September 18, 2015 by wordsandpixels

As we’re getting ready for the transition between city mice and country mice (Yonkers NY to the Catskill Mountains) we’re all too aware of the most difficult part of the transition. No, not wrapping fine stemware in tissue paper. No, not packing the old 4×5 Speed Graphic so the film holders don’t get broken. No, not prepping the delicate ham radio equipment so it doesn’t get trashed enroute.

The most difficult part of the move is going to be making the transition for our three cats, Elvis, Mary and Amelia, as painless as possible. AmeliaThese cats, not having grown up with our five sons as did the previous feline administration, are skittish even on a good day. So it will be interesting to see what is the best solution. Sticking them in the engine compartment to stay warm (no, don’t reach for the phone to call the ASPCA — just kidding)? IMG_1996Putting them in old cardboard boxes? Hmmm. That’s a possibility. Or rounding them up and putting them all in a big cage, one designed for 100 pound dogs. Now THAT sounds better!

P.S. Elvis hasn’t been photographed with iPhone so I can’t lay my hands on a decent picture of him.

P.P.S. Elvis got his name because we got him from the pound on the birthday of the king of rock and roll.