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PhotoPlus Expo – Chapter II: Getting the Most out of Trade Shows

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When you walk into a large trade show such as PhotoPlus Expo, you’re assaulted with overwhelming sights, sounds and yes, even smells (New York hot dogs!). Giant exhibitions from companies like Canon, Nikon or Epson epsondominate the floor and vie for the viewer’s attention. Hundreds of smaller booths are displaying wares ranging from products to books to educational experiences — and everything in between. Where do you even begin?

Well, there are a couple of ways to tackle these shows. One is to travel in a very pre-planned direction i.e. north, south, east and west, until you’ve covered the entire floor. The other is more serendipitous. In this approach you simple bounce from one interesting booth to another, in a kind of random pattern. Sort of like a ping-pong ball. Incidentally, there’s a nice wrap-up of the show at Check it out.

sigmaHowever you do it, a day (or, heaven forbid, even two or three) can reap rich rewards.

There are seminars. There are product demos. There are opportunities to shoot live models. You can have your cameras cleaned, updated, evaluated and even sold if you wish! There are tons of exhibitions of inspiring and educational You will meet fellow photographers walking the aisles, in the same manner as you, with whom you will exchange ideas, observations and discoveries.

We thought it would be helpful to pass along some of the more interesting highlights we found. They are in no particular order (think ping-pong ball).

One innovative young camera bag designer, Ryan Cope ( showed us a brilliant backpack style camera bag that is as much at home in the office as it is in the Grand Tetons. Rocky Nook, Inc., book publishers, displayed a small but useful library of books on technique and artistry that’s guaranteedgallery to get your creative juices flowing. Yishai Shapir put on a short but powerful demo of on-the-go portrait lighting. You’ll never have an excuse to blame your results on “…but I only had one flash!”

Our old friend Peter Waisnor from Tenba explained to us how “Quiet Velcro” made opening and closing one of their new bags “stealthy” so when you’re covering an opera people don’t scowl at you. Tenba, of course, has been dishing out a huge variety of bags holding everything from subminiature cameras to huge computer displays. Well worth checking out. Another buddy from the historic archive department was Matt Hill, who among other things offers a series of workshops in night photography at National Parks around the United States.

The Josephine Herrick Project provides free photography programs using cameras as transformational tools to give a voice to all people. Very worthwhile! Check them out at Miriam Leuchter, editor of American Photo magazine was at the show, providing portfolio reviews (as were many others). There were dozens of galleries showing photographers works, but we kept coming back to Epson’s for the richness and variety of content.

cell phoneThe above are but a small sampling of the scores of photographers, writers, educators, editors, manufacturer’s reps, distributors, and friends we ran into at the show. We wore off a little shoe leather but gained so much in the end. See you at the next show!